A better man in Japan.

I have been beaten fair and square.

Honking big chainring Via Bike Hacks.


Bigger is better.

In the spirit of added bling, I couldn’t pass up the crank set on the left. It matches the one on the right which is the stock crank from my Kingfisher 1 freeride bike. The one I bought for $20 has bash/36/24 rings while the stock crank and the set on my bike now (Race Face Evolve DH) both have bash/32/22. I couldn’t even buy the bash for $20! I plan to switch out the rings soon.

32/22 and 36/24 for comparison.

32/22 and 36/24 for comparison.

The “King Earl” is Bontrager/Trek/Gary Fisher’s Freeride stuff. These use a Truvativ Howitzer bottom bracket. I think they are comparable to the Hozfeller crank. I haven’t put many miles on these cranks, but I am very fond of my Race Face Evolve DH cranks. They are two piece, and are stiff as all getout. I plan to transplant the rings on my ride.

Back side for comparison.

Back side for comparison

Another possibility would be to change the drive side for DH races. Hopefully I will have time tomorrow.


IMG_5486Pulling the crank.

IMG_5487Note the spacers. Yet another reason to dislike shimano.

IMG_5491Might make a good double… if we were timid.

IMG_5493I can’t believe I used to like a 52t. 56 is what the kids are groovin’ to.

OMG wow.

OMG wow.


The whole enchilada.

The whole enchilada.

The front shifter realy hates to shift up to the big ring. I didn’t add any chain because it was loose to start with. Will have to avoid the big/big combo.