Submarine Sounds for Droid(Android)

I recently made a few ringtones/alerts for my Droid using Submarine and Navy sounds. They can be found at: SubSounds at RapidShare. WordPress will not let me upload any mp3 files. The sounds are as follows:

688DiveAlarm.mp3 – 688 Dive Alarm
688General.mp3 – 688 General Alarm
688PowerPlantCasualty.mp3 – 688 Power Plant Casualty Alarm
726CollisionAlarm.mp3 – 726 Collision Alarm
726GeneralAlarm.mp3 – 726 General Alarm
726MissileJettison.mp3 – 726 Missile Jettison Alarm
726MissleEmergency.mp3 – 726 Missile Emergency Alarm
726PowerPlantCasualty.mp3 – 726 Power Plant Casualty Alarm
BilgeHighLevel.mp3 – Submarine Bilge High Level Alarm
EAM.mp3 – EAM Alarm

This is the md5 sum for the file:
If you do not know what an md5 is, don’t worry about it.


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