Must haves for droid.

I have had a few friends ask if they should get a droid. If all you use it for is a phone…no. But if you want more–get the following apps (most are free):

A Online Radio: you have an unlimited data plan, right? A online radio tunes you into streaming audio. Stations from all over the world and every genre. Plays shoutcast, icecast, and several AAC formats.

bTunes: an audio player that looks suspiciously like another popular audio player’s interface. Plays mp3 audio, and downloads album art from

WordPress: I used this app on my droid to do this post…just to prove my point.

Andrometer: ever wonder how tall a particular building or hill is? Andrometer uses triangulation, gps, and the compass the same way a surveyor uses a range-finder. Cool.

DocumentsToGo($9.99USD): ten bucks on sale, and then you can edit and view word, excell, and powerpoint files. Not perfect, but great in a pinch.

EasyNote: it allows you to jot notes, and quickly categorize them. You can also set alarms and e-mail them, making it the most flexible note app around.


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