Segate Central Personal Cloud Storage

I just bought a “Central” and I love it. It is a good device even if all you want is a cheap NAS. But, it is soo much more.

It comes with linux on it. Segate was smart enough to leave it open for users to shell into. Many companies would not have the same faith.

I bought a 3tb model. I got it on sale at “BestBuy” for $149.99USD.

To gain access, just ssh to the device using what ever user/password you set up in the web interface. Unfortunately, all users have shell access by default, and root is _NOT_ passworded. Just type “su” to gain superuser status.

I do have issues with linux clients. When copying large files, it hangs. I think the drive is spinning down from “inactivty”. I have had similar issues with external drives.

One easy workaround is to simply plug in a drive to the USB 3.0 Plug on the back. After a reboot, my 2TB Segate external drive was mounted in the “/shares” folder. I then coppied the files on the command line. I have a few TB of data to copy so I will let you know how it ends.

I got the idea when I saw the file “/etc/filesystems”:

Which is probably the list of filesystems it is set up to read by default. I had an ext3 formated drive that I was using with a Buffalo DDWRT router. I was also able to mount a 3TB NTFS partition. I have not yet tried an ext4 partition.

I intend to dig some more into this little gem, and post what I find here.


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