Share organization and FTP access on the Segate Central Cloud Storage.

More on the Segate Central NAS device:

The device has several shares available after setup in its web interface. By the way, if you do not know it’s IP address, Just browse to “Workgroup”->”Name of the Nas”-> “Public”. Then view the contents of the file: “Manage Seagate Central Central3TB.url”. It is a link for windows users, but linux users will be able to figure it out.

By default, it makes a windows share for:

1) Public: which is accessable by anyone on the network. It has the link mentioned above and three folders: Music, Photos, and Videos. If you put your media in those folders, it is also shared out on DLNA. This folder is also shared out via a Public FTP server (vsFTP).

2) User shares: shares named for each user created in the web interface, and only accessable to the user under the windows “share” permission scheme. You will need to supply the username/password for access.

3) Attached drive folders: Each drive is mounted in a folder and shared out. The drive currently connected to mine and formated with the linux ext3 format is: “usb1-1share1”.

All of these shares can be accessed in the associated directory in the “/share” directory.



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