My manefesto for manufacturers.

If you make things, you should make them well. These are a few things that computer consumers should look for and manufacturers should provide.

1) Provide open solutions. Open as in they have not been tinkered with to obscure how they work. They should not be made in such a way as to keep one from repairing or changing it. Example: Linksys wrt54g.

2) Test what you sell. In this day and age, one should not be able to download software that compromises your computer device in earlier than 30 minutes.(Thirty minutes is an approximation).

3) Provide security by default. Allow users to decide if they want less security. There should be passwords on all access means to the machine, and you should put that security in the hands of the user. If there is a proprietary remote access solution, allow the user to turn it off, and it should stay off.

4) Great products produce loyal following. Look at Apple. They may provide systems which are a bit closed off, but they provide computers that are great at computing. They do not cram crapware down users throats. They provide well-engineered solutions to simple problems. And that is why many people will overpay for their products.

In my last post (, I exposed a flaw that I saw on something on my desk that I had paid my own hard-earned money for. I was mad. It was something that took me about 15 minutes to fix. I made a fix, and wrote down a fix and published it so others will not be vulnerable to the problem that was obvious to me. Any person who has spent any time with UNIX/Linux would know that the problems that I outline are obvious and simple to fix. And that is why I made sure that everyone knows about it. Any vendor broadcasting to the world that they provide hardware that provides “personal cloud storage” needs to get serious about security. Because what I saw was seriously messed up.


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