iSee360i Ipod video player.

I got a new toy today. it is a iSee360i video player for the ipod. It’s key feature is that it attaches to an Ipod and has a larger screen. It does not directly play Itune$ content, but it simply uses the Ipod for storage. I have seen prices on the Google for this thing from $24-$250USD. I got it at a TJ Maxx for $15. YES $15! It also RECORDS video from a composite video connector.

I was able to encode video using vlc and load it on the Ipod without using the included software (in linux).

The company that makes it doesn’t appear to be in business. It comes with “Vidiscape” by a company called VIVIDA. It works to transfer video to and from the device. The real turkey in the box is “Media Converter” from Arcsoft. The install from the provided disk doesn’t appear to work on Windows 7, and I believe it will not work anywhere else either. The shortcut installed by default is broken, and therefore, it will not do the transcoding that is needed to watch media on the device. That is why i decided to find a way to encode and copy videos to view on the device without the included software.

Now if only someone would port Rockbox to this thing…

My next post will detail how to add video to the ipod/iSee.


Ubuntu (Xubuntu) 9.10

Xubuntu 9.10 with Firefox.

Xubuntu 9.10

I upgraded my laptop to Xubuntu 9.10. I use Xubuntu because it has a smaller footprint than the gnome based Ubuntu. They are the same except for the desktop environment. My laptop is a P3 600mhz with 256MBĀ  RAM. I use it for most of my posts and web browsing. I have not had many problems, but I do not use any encryption. I use the laptop mostly as a dumb netbook. The laptop was given to me, so I can’t complain.

Bigger is better.

In the spirit of added bling, I couldn’t pass up the crank set on the left. It matches the one on the right which is the stock crank from my Kingfisher 1 freeride bike. The one I bought for $20 has bash/36/24 rings while the stock crank and the set on my bike now (Race Face Evolve DH) both have bash/32/22. I couldn’t even buy the bash for $20! I plan to switch out the rings soon.

32/22 and 36/24 for comparison.

32/22 and 36/24 for comparison.

The “King Earl” is Bontrager/Trek/Gary Fisher’s Freeride stuff. These use a Truvativ Howitzer bottom bracket. I think they are comparable to the Hozfeller crank. I haven’t put many miles on these cranks, but I am very fond of my Race Face Evolve DH cranks. They are two piece, and are stiff as all getout. I plan to transplant the rings on my ride.

Back side for comparison.

Back side for comparison

Another possibility would be to change the drive side for DH races. Hopefully I will have time tomorrow.